About me

I thought I should include a page like this, but it’s a bit like joining a group and being asked to tell everyone a bit about yourself. To make it less painful I will do this in the form of a bullet-point list.

Facts about me:

  • I was born in Derby (England) in 1981.
  • I’ve lived much of my life in Derbyshire and live there again now.
  • I started my working life as a software engineer and worked for IBM for several years, during and after my computer science degree.
  • Then I decided on a career change and took a medical degree.
  • I am now working as a Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry.
  • I maintain my interest in all things IT-related.
  • I (no longer have time to) sail at Carsington Sailing Club and own an RS200.
  • I have developed an interest in horology, thanks to my father.
  • I started this blog because I thought it was the best way to document the restoration of my recently purchased turret clock.

I can be contacted at richardaburton at gmail.com

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