A new lantern pinion


This is our first real new part for the clock. This 10 pin lantern pinion is on the escapement arbour and engages with a 120 tooth wheel. The actual arbour and the rusty support in the picture are just temporary.

The bulk of it is made from a single peice of brass. Both sets of holes for the trudles were drilled in one go from one end. This means only one end cap is needed.

The end cap is a separate piece which we intend to solder on, which is how we initially thought the originals were made. Rather than just a washer to cover holes we made a complete end cap, it seemed easier to make that way.  We need to be careful to not get the trundles too hot else they’ll loose their temper. How easy will it be to separate it again in the future to replace a worn pin though? Once the end cap is attached it will be turned down to a perfect match to the body of the pinion.

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