rBoot now in Sming

rBoot has now been integrated into Sming. This includes rBoot itself (allowing the bootloader to be built alongside a user app) and a new Sming specific rBoot OTA class. The sample app from my GitHub repo has been improved and included under the name Basic_rBoot, it demonstrates OTA updates, big flash support and multiple spiffs images.

The old sample app will be removed from my repo shortly. If you want to make use of rBoot in Sming it’s now easier than ever – just use release v1.3.0 onwards, or clone the Sming master branch, and take a look at the sample project.

4 thoughts on “rBoot now in Sming”

  1. Sming in LGPLv3. Can you please clarify how the fact that “rBoot now in Sming” affects its licensing? Perhaps, the title itself should be clarified – does it mean that Sming got integration with rBoot, or that rBoot is no longer available as a standalone project, outside of Sming?

    1. It means that Sming now includes rBoot, rBoot is still available separately for use with SDK built apps or integrated in to other frameworks. rBoot continues to be distributed under the MIT license (as per the license file distributed with it).

      1. Thanks for clarification. Then maybe it’s worth to keep sample apps instead of removing them (of course, unless the talk is about a sample app of Sming integration, which now would be available via Sming itself).

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